Improved Raw Material Analysis with Cascading Libraries for Vision Software

FOSS are pleased to announce the release of Cascading Libraries for Vision software. In Vision Routine Analysis, Cascading Libraries allow multiple sub-libraries to be applied in a “cascade” or tree from a “Global” library containing all products. Cascading Libraries confirm a sample ID within one Routine Analysis operations method. The maximum number of sub-libraries or “cascades” is unlimited.

Cascading libraries will be of great benefit to anyone who has materials which are spectrally very similar, which require “Local” libraries to differentiate them. Products such as microcrystalline celluloses or different grades of lactose are excellent examples of products that would normally need to be placed in their own libraries. Having multiple libraries is problematic in Routine Analysis without Cascading Libraries, because operators would have to analyse several times, testing against multiple libraries manually.

Cascading libraries allows each product or library to have it’s own spectral math treatment, wavelength selection, ID or Qual method. Threshold levels for such parameters as match index or correlation can also be set for each library or product.

Validation is not needed for the cascade of libraries as validation of each library is performed in the Qualitative Analysis/Library Validation mode. Results of each library test appear in the Routine Analysis Results report, which also lists which library the sample is being tested against.

The use of Cascading Libraries also removes the need for instrument operators to have to select the correct library for the product being analysed. This removes any possibility of any operator error during sample routine analysis.

Cascading libraries is an optional piece of software for Vision version 3.4 or above. For a quotation on a Vision software upgrade and the cascading library option please contact your local Foss office or representative.

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