In-Motion Axle Weighbridge Eliminates Overloading For ADF

Accuweigh’s QWM branch recently commissioned an In-motion Axle Weighbridge to ensure Australian Defence Force vehicles comply with legal axle weight loadings when driven on public roads. This In-motion Axle Weighbridge was installed at the Amberley Air Force base near Ipswich, Queensland.

Accuweigh’s Drive’n’Weigh 8000 In-motion Axle Weighbridge accurately attains individual axle weights while the vehicle is slowly driven across the weighbridge deck without stopping. With appropriate length approaches, this In-motion Axle Weighbridge can be certified for Trade Use for generating Gross Vehicle weight tickets.

The In-motion Axle Weighbridge installed for the ADF measures 4 metres wide by 1 metre long with an axle weighing capacity of 40,000 kg and is installed in a shallow pit. Suitable for unmanned weighing operation, the driver enters the vehicle details using the integrated alpha-numeric keyboard and then drives the vehicle slowly over the In-motion Axle Weighbridge to attain axle weights.

The driver returns to the console and removes the printed ticket listing all individual axle weights plus the total vehicle mass. The weight ticket is then kept in the vehicle for the duration of the current trip.

Accuweigh is Australia’s largest industrial weighing company and has eight branches across mainland states providing complete after sales service and support on in-motion axle scales, weighbridges and all types of onboard vehicle weighing systems.


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