In-Motion Vehicle Weighing System Ensures Legal Axle Loadings on Haulage Trailers

An In-Motion Vehicle Weighing System was recently commissioned in Western Australia to ensure legal axle loadings are achieved before transporting heavy fabricated structures.

The In-Motion Vehicle Weighing System was manufactured by Accuweigh’s QWM branch in Brisbane for weighing heavy haulage tractors and trailers comprising 34 axles measuring up to 6.4 metres wide with a total carrying capacity of 500 tonnes.

The loaded tractors are driven slowly over the In-Motion Vehicle Weighing System to attain accurate axle weight readings without requiring the haulage tractors to stop. Accuweigh’s In-Motion Vehicle Weighing System eliminated the huge stresses placed on the haulage tractors during repetitive start/stop actions as would be required with a static axle weighing system.

Once all axles have been weighed, the results are printed on a docket showing date, time, each individual axle weight and the total weight. An IT8000 programmable weight controller and a printer are built into a weatherproof stainless steel enclosure to allow easy removal from the In-Motion Vehicle Weighing System after weighings are completed.

Accuweigh are Australia’s weighing experts and have the resources, capabilities and experience to offer solutions for all weighing applications. Superior Service Support is provided by eight Accuweigh branches across mainland states.

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