Increase Circular Screener Capacity Without Increasing Footprint

The AMKCO Auxiliary Series ( AS ) Feed Frame effectively increases available screen area of a Circular Vibratory Screener by up to 70%. Innovative design utilises a special frame containing a smaller diameter screen sited above a standard diameter screen.

Both screens are of the same mesh aperture. The top screen is “flood fed” with material either passing through the screen or discharging peripherally 360 degrees off the screen to be rescreened by the screen below. Material passing through the screens is combined and discharges from the lower discharge spout. The oversize material is simply discharged from bottom screen surface.

AMKCO AS Feed Frames utilise standard diameter screens and can be used with common accessories such as Dust Covers, Ball Decks and Self Cleaning Ring Kits.

Current vibratory screeners can be upgraded to increase production and efficiency rates by simply changing only one frame (usually 50 – 100 mm higher than a standard frame depending on diameter) thus utilising the existing base and lower table / drive assembly. This equates to a saving of some 30-40% when compared to upgrading to a larger diameter vibratory screener of equivalent capacity.

AMKCO Auxiliary Series (AS) Feed Frames are available to suit 48”, 60”, 72” and 84” diameter AMKCO screeners as well as most other brands of Circular Vibratory Screener operating in Australia.

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