Industrial Checkweighing System Verifying XXXX Kegs

An Industrial Checkweighing System is being used on the keg filling line at Castlemaine’s XXXX brewery in Milton for checkweighing filled metal kegs. Supplied by Accuweigh’s QWM branch in Brisbane, the Industrial Checkweighing System is used for accurately recording the filled volume of beer for excise purposes.

Accuweigh’s Industrial Checkweighing System was custom engineered using A&D Weighing’s 4404 high speed checkweighing indicator to perform the weighing calculations from signals received from the load cell based weighing platform. The A&D 4404 Checkweighing indicator has finely tuned digital filtering functionality that removes the inherent vibration from the keg filling lines to ensure fast and accurate weight readings are acquired.
Designed for weighing 30-50 kegs per minute with each keg having a very high tare weight of approx 14 kg, Accuweigh’s Industrial Checkweighing System is nearly in continuous operation.

The 4404 Checkweighing indicator was mounted into a waterproof Rittal enclosure for protection from the wash down processes at the end of each shift.

Accuweigh is Australia’s largest industrial weighing company with branches in all mainland states providing Superior Product Support on Industrial Checkweighing Systems, metal detection equipment and X-Ray food inspection systems.

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