Industrial Scales Weighing Waste Sludge

Industrial Scales were recently fitted to a large waste collections hopper at the council’s waste water treatment plant in Wacol, Brisbane. The Industrial Scales consisted of load cells and a digital weight indicator for weighing the volume of waste produced during the treatment processes.

For improved collections efficiency, the Industrial Scales included SMS modules to allow the contractor responsible for removing the sludge from site to simply ring a nominated phone number to receive a SMS message detailing the weight of sludge currently being held. This allows the contractor to arrange for the sludge to be emptied out of the hopper in the most cost-effective manner.

The load cell component of the supplied Industrial Scales included six sets of heavy capacity weighing modules fitted with stainless steel AccuCell Weighbridge Load cells of 30t capacity each. Each module has both over-lift and side restraints to securely hold the large weight hopper in strong winds.

An Accuweigh 5000 digital weight indicator generates the weight readings which are transmitted to the site’s SCADA system using a 4-20mA analogue output module. The installation, testing and calibration of the Industrial Scales was performed by Accuweigh’s own fully trained and experienced staff who are continually reviewing work procedures and implementing processes to improve working efficiencies for the benefit of their clients.

Accuweigh is Australia’s largest industrial weighing company and has eight branches providing complete after sales service support to all mainland states for all industrial scales and weighing equipment.

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