Inline Check Scales Improves OH&S for Boral SA

Inline Check Scales were recently commissioned at Boral’s Pooraka plant for increased monitoring of block density for QA purposes. Supplied by Accuweigh’s Port Adelaide branch, the Inline Check Scales eliminate the need for heavy blocks to be removed from the line for weight testing.

Before the Inline Check Scale was commissioned, operators were required to randomly remove one of the heavy concrete blocks from the line and place it on a set of industrial scales and then note the weight in a log file.

Accuweigh custom engineered a sub-frame to replace a section of the chain-drag conveyor to mount the Checkweigher’s load cells. A proximity switch detects when the slide plates are in the right position to initiate the check weighing process which is performed by an A&D AD4404 checkweighing Indicator. A comparator light tower and audible alarms are used to automatically alert the operator of underweight blocks.

The A&D Inline Check Scales sends block weights to an A&D Data Logger which generates reports at the end of each batch run. The plant supervisor unplugs the data logger from the Check Scales and plugs it into a USB port on a laptop to download the daily history for report generation.

Accuweigh is Australia’s largest industrial weighing company and has the ability to custom manufacturer Industrial Checkweighers and Check Scales to suit individual client applications to ensure optimal checkweighing accuracy and performance.

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