Insitec LabSizer for Large Volume Particle Sizing

The Insitec LabSizer™ provides robust, large-volume dry powder particle size measurements (0.1 to 1000µm) in manual and automated plant laboratories (particularly cement laboratories).

Suitable for the analysis of samples up to 150g, it offers fully-automated SOP-driven operation.Maintenance requirements are low, and simplified by the modular design of the instrument, a feature that also facilitates integration within an automated lab.

The proven laser diffraction technology at the heart of every Insitec system is now the standard in most particulate processing industries and has been pioneered and developed by Malvern for more than 30 years.

All Malvern Insitec systems are designed from the outset for industrial use. Their rugged construction and robust technology reflect the exacting demands placed on analytical instrumentation that is in continuous use in a process environment. The instrument, analysis software, automation and data reporting can all be customised to the unique needs of individual clients.

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