Introducing BKTs Advanced Turbo Blower

High Efficiency Turbo blowers lower energy cost by 20 -40 % and reduce CO₂ emissions.

BKT’s Advanced Turbo Blower – BKTurbo is a clean air generating turbo blower that ensures superior energy efficiency and performance. This revolutionary technology is a proud product of BKT, developed from extensive operating experience in over 100 Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP) worldwide. This revolutionary technology was developed from BKTurbo’s own operating experience.

High Value and Energy Efficient – BKTurbo can provide a quick return on your investment by saving energy costs. Through the mitigation of carbon emissions, the blower helps sustain the natural environment. BKTurbo also contributes to a better working environment thanks to its oil-less operation and low noise. Noise level under 80 dBA.

Virtually maintenance free – No lubricant, no maintenance schedule, and no regular checkups (except simple filter change) thanks to our dual foil air bearing and air cooling mechanism. The BKTurbo unique motor design high efficiency high speed PM type motor has low heat generation and a self-cooling system negating the need for a cooling fan saving energy usage, while maintaining stable motor operation. Blowers have 100 – 50% easy turn down control.

The patented bump type dual foil air bearing, dual direction spin foil bearing prevents surging damage, units are tested to 35,000+ start-stop cycles.

Completely pre-engineered system includes motor, impeller, touch screen panel, and inverter in one unit user-friendly, three modes touch screen control system, with consistent pressure, consistent flow and RPM modes.

The turbo blower can be customised to a capacity based on a clients’ specific needs.

Pneumatic Conveying Applications

  • Cement
  • Flour and Powders
  • Granular Materials
  • Gypsum
  • Metal Shavings/Chips
  • Plastics Pulp Conveying
  • Silo Aeration
  • Toner Conveying
  • Wood Chip

Air Knife Process Applications

  • Food processing
  • Parts drying
  • Conveyor belt cleaning/drying
  • Debris/dust/liquid blow-off
  • Metal parts washing
  • Fruit & vegetable drying

Aeration in Wastewater Treatment Plants

  • Food and Beverage
  • Sewerage
  • Industrial Processes

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