Introducing Romet Ltd

Founded in 1972 , Romet Limited , based in Missassauga, Canada ,has manufactured and supplied rotary gas meters and related instru-ments to gas utilities and customers around the world.

Original company designs and development, use of innovative materials, high quality manufactur-ing and precise inspection control measures are trademarks of Romet which are superimposed onto our products.
Some of the milestones in Romet’s history include the introduction of the first successfully designed and produced all-cast aluminium body rotary gas meter. Patented mechanical and elec-tronic volume correctors. The world’s first integral mechanical / electronically corrected meter. In addition, our electronic correction system was built based on past expertise to bring gas flow metering into the main stream of computerized gas data acquisition and analysis.

Romet offers a variety of measuring instruments to meet the diverse requirements posed by the natural gas industry.

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