Introducing the Fitz-cM Classifier Mill

The Fitzpatrick Company, well known supplier of the FitzMill Comminutor for over 70 years, is now introducing the Fitz-cM Classifier Mill. Fitzpatrick brings their background of supplying high quality precision process equipment to Classifier Mill Technology. Fitzpatrick’s background in the Chemical, Food, Mineral and Pharma industries has been applied to this equipment for a rugged yet sanitary and cleanable design.

The Fitz cM Classifier Mills are designed to provide size reduction with integrated classifier to insure the desired product is achieved. The mill operating principle is mechanical impact size reduction which minimizes the operating energy costs. The internal air flow then leads the material to the integrated air classifier to separate the desired product from the material that is still too large. The Classifier operating principles balance centrifugal force and drag force to generate a high precision method of classifying particles according to size and density. The oversize particles are then automatically returned to the milling chamber until they are reduced to the desired size. By adjusting the milling and classifier parameters, the system can be set up to achieve a wide range of size reduction objectives, from 97% below 150 microns to 97% below 10 micron.

Units up to 75 HP feature a double walled main housing, which greatly reduces noise break out and ensures product contact parts are easily removed for cleaning.

Bearing housings feature co-axial drive shafts, to enable the mill rotor and classifier wheel to be independently driven and the speed of each varied to optimize the system for each application. Cooling is available for the bearings, in addition to air purging if required.

The Fitz cM state of the art design includes
• Quick Clean contact parts for minimal downtime between product changes
• Reduced noise levels
• Complete engineered systems include feeding, milling, product collection and controls
• Pressure shock resistant design for milling hazardous products

The standard Fitz cM classifier mill is a very robust design for demanding applications. Special wear parts are made from abrasion resistant materials an are easily accessed for inspection and replacement. Product changeover is greatly simplified due to the ease of access to the product contact parts. Large capacity units are available with the same easy to use features as the smaller machines. Typical products for the standard

Fitz cM include:
• Minerals
• Silica
• Alumina tri-hydrate
• Pigments
• Powder coatings
• Chemicals

The special design Fitz cM QC (quick clean) includes features which are significant advantages for processors of Food or Pharma products such as:
• Lactose
• Caseins
• Powdered sugar
• Starches
• Cocoa
• Wheat gluten other food additives and colorings
• Fiber & Nutrition additives
• Pharma products and excipients

Fitzpatrick offers complete engineering for systems that are customized for specific applications. Fitzpatrick also offers a service team for equipment training and process optimization. Let Fitzpatrick put its many years of Size Reduction experience to work for you.

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