July 2007 – Featured Article

Grain Tech Engineering Ltd and Muyang Group 17 Year Association

[Grain Tech Engineering Ltd]() has the distinction of being the first foreign agent for the Muyang Group Company. This occurred back in 1990 when China was a world apart from the China of today. The first machines Grain Tech Engineering purchased from Muyang were two Model 112 x 30 hammer mills in 1991; both are still operating today without a problem.

The changes which have occurred over the years since are mind boggling, with the Muyang Group developing from a manufacture of a standard range of agriculture oriented machines to the current position where the Muyang Group is considered to be the worlds third largest feed milling and processing equipment manufacture and supplier. This achievement has been gained following many years of dedicated effort in developing an advanced range of processing equipment significantly under the license to United Milling Technology (UMT) from Europe.

The Muyang Group has in recent years embarked on a major expansion programme in order to keep abreast of the rapid world wide export growth to countries as far a field as Argentina to Zambia and it is expected that the company will become an even stronger worldwide force in supplying feed processing equipment and handling installations. With its headquarters in the historic city of Yangzhou, Jiangsu Muyang Group Co. Ltd has since its founding in 1967 grown into a well-known group worldwide whose activities cover research and development, project design, manufacturing, installation and services in a multitude of industries including feed machinery and engineering, storage engineering, grain machinery and engineering, environmental protection, conveying equipment and automatic control systems.

Muyang currently has over 1250 employees, including 400 technicians and engineers who specialize in machine building, heat treatment, feed processing, civil engineering, automatic control, computer science, animal nutrition, dust control, grain engineering, chemical engineering, oil engineering and marketing. In addition, the company engages a considerable number of professors and specialists from various universities and research institutes to help with R&D functions. Their strong R&D capabilities and technological leading position are evidenced by launching 89 new products in the year of 2006. In the same year, the RMB20 million Research and Engineering Center was put into use. With its ecological, intelligent, environmental-friendly features, this center greatly improved the working conditions of all the technical teams and thereby enhanced their work initiatives.

Through years of unrelenting efforts, Muyang has developed over 100 series (more than 600 models) of high quality feed and grain processing machines. It is capable of undertaking all types of turn-key feed engineering projects ranging from ordinary animal feed production facilities to upper-class extruded aqua feed production lines. Among Muyang products 18 were listed in the National New and High Technology Products. The company’s over 100 patented technologies help to ensure its leading position in China and it has earned various national and provincial awards for remarkable technological achievements.

In the past few years Muyang has quickened its pace in technological innovation and introduced a considerable number of advanced manufacturing processes including two heavy duty laser cutters (Swiss products), America-made steel silo manufacturing line, digital bending machines, digital gun-drill, digital lathes, and electro-light tracing cutting machines etc. Furthermore, the company owns the best painting and surface treatment facilities in the feed industry in China. With ISO 9001-2000 obtained in 2003, Muyang has drawn up clear guidelines from material procurement through to finished product inspection and shipping to customers thus ensuring high quality for each and all its products and engineering projects.

Meticulous and advanced design, excellent workmanship and highly controlled engineering process plus comprehensives service efforts have won for Muyang valuable awards in the form of market recognition and customer goodwill. Satisfied clients include domestic top 10 feed manufacturers such as Hope Group, Liuhe Group, Zhenghong Group, Tongwei Group and overseas feed manufacturers such as Cargill Group of US, CP Group of Thailand, Bayer Group of Germany, Gold Coin Group of Switzerland, BMBM Group of France, ABN Group of UK, CJ Group of Korea, Rainbow Group of Korea, Suntory Group of Japan. Muyang products and engineering projects have won world wide recognition. This is evidenced by its exporting complete feed production lines or turn-key projects to over 30 countries including New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, the Philippines, Egypt, Iran, Vietnam, Syria etc.

In the 21st century Muyang Group with its well-defined corporate spirit focusing on innovation, responsibility, co-operation, and high efficiency will continue its effort to achieve its goal of growing into a lead-world-class machine building and engineering corporation.

Muyang has a powerful contingent of highly specialized, dedicated professionals who bring the knowledge and experience to allow us to offer our clients “leading edge” solutions. The aim of our technical consultation is to serve our clients through identification of client needs and provide multi-solution solving options, especially in the technical aspects. Numerous facts have demonstrated and proved Muyang’s ability to transfer our clients’ problems and/or requirements into production efficiency and work achievements.

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