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Bulk Handling Global

Independent Consulting Services:

According to Jacob Katinic, Director of consulting firm Bulk Handling Global Pty Ltd, “Independent consulting and leading our clients in the right direction is our priority and is what our business is about. Integrity is the key to our business. We are in business to not to sell products, rather to advise our clients of the best solution to their Bulk Handling requirements.”

Independent Audits:

During the design stage of a silo or bulk handling system, the lack of interfacing of the separate design components can be costly. Bulk Handling Global has proven many times that in the long run, an independent audit can save both time and money.

If you look at a Bulk Materials Handling System as a jigsaw puzzle of separate components and take the best hopper designer, the best equipment designer and the best set of shear test results, it’s easy to think that you are going to get the best system available. But if each of these suppliers looks at their own scope without consideration to the effects of each other, you can still build a plant with problems. Just like with the jigsaw puzzle, interfacing can be one of the most important parts of the system. If all the pieces don’t fit together perfectly, it will never work properly.

The advantage of Bulk Handling Global is that they have knowledge in all areas. This means that areas of deficiency can be picked up at the start of the project, rather than when the plant is being commissioned.

Material Testing:

One service that sets Bulk Handling Global apart is their unique on-site shear testing service and the importance of this cannot be stressed enough according to Jacob Katinic. “Other companies offer laboratory material testing, but under laboratory conditions, no consideration is given to the possible changes in the characteristics of the product between the time the sample is taken and the time the testing is done. On-site material testing allows immediate testing of the sample, in the condition it is taken from the source, which guarantees a more accurate test result.”

In Addition to the advantage of on-site testing, Bulk Handling Global is the only company in Australia to use the Peschl Rotational Shear Tester. The Peschl Rotational Shear Tester easily overcomes the inaccuracies of measurements associated with the more traditional Axial Shear Testers.

  • It uses a rotational shear method, so that shear is continuous and without limit and the maximum peak shear can be measured at the products elastic limit.
  • It avoids operator manipulation during product and results by using a top loading shear cell.
  • It applies constant consolidation load to a constant area with rotational shear.

Material testing is critical for the classification of powders, correct equipment and system design, quality control and specifying for purchasing of materials.

The company offers both on-site and laboratory testing for shear, cohesion, time consolidation, density, wall friction unconfined compressive stress, tensile strength and fluidisation.

“We take an unbiased approach and ensure that the requirements of the product handling characteristics are met first.” Jacob says. “Our priority is to measure the product characteristics first before we apply results to design. Our expertise in silo, hopper and equipment design provides our clients with the assurance that rather than just consider the equipment on its own merit, we integrate the whole system design to suit the flow characteristics of the products.”

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