K-Redi-Liner Modular Lining System

Recently introduced by Kinder & Co, the K-Redi-Liner modular lining system is a bolt in system that can be arranged into any wear pattern.

The versatile K-Redi-Liner modular lining system is available in two material types. Solid Kryptane® polyurethane panels provides high wear protection, but for more extreme applications, alumina ceramic embedded series panels are best suited. K-Redi-Liner modules are also available in a variety of durometers and formulas to suit specific applications.

All panels are 305mm x 305mm in size and are bolted into place. This enables the K-Redi-Liner modular lining system to be arranged into any wear pattern required. This versatility offers exceptional product life by allowing ceramic panels to be used for the main wear area, while solid polyurethane panels can be used for the less critical surrounding areas.

The modular nature of the K-Redi-Liner system means that as wear eventually occurs, only the worn panels need be replaced, instead of replacing the entire liner.

The K-Redi-Liner modular lining system is suitable for applications such as conveyor transfer points, high wear chutes, screen discharge and feed liners.

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