Comprehensive Level Indicator Range

Kinder & Co is introducing a comprehensive range of high quality level indicators from international materials handling market leader 4B Braime Elevator Components Ltd

The technology – for which Kinder & Co is exclusive distributor to Australian Eastern States and New Zealand – includes capacitive sensors, tiltswitch level indicators, auto-set indicators, and roto-safe and roto-set indicators.

The capacitive sensors, which detect the presence or absence of liquids and free flowing bulk granular materials, are easily installed and self contained.

The tiltswitch level indicators, used for bins and silos, are suitable for almost all granular materials. Their alarm is triggered when material build-up tilts sensor by approx 15º and the sensor cable adjustable up to 5m.

Auto-set indicators are radio frequency level indicators and are suitable for almost all liquids and granular materials. They detect the presence or absence of material by measuring electrical capacitance in the vessel and their unique “Power Shield” ignores material build-up on the probe.

The roto-safe and roto-switch indicators are single point rotary level indicators that detect the presence or absence of bulk materials using a rotating paddle. They come in heavy-duty versions and are power fail safe.

Founded in the UK in 1971, 4B has been an industry leader in developing high quality, innovative, and dependable material handling components for the agricultural and industrial sectors.

Now, through their association with 4B, Kinder & Co will be able to offer the world’s largest range of steel and plastic elevator buckets, elevator bolts, elevator belting, elevator belt fasteners, forged chain and sprockets.

Kinder & Co is recognised as a leading independent supplier and manufacturer of innovative and practical solutions to improve and maintain the running efficiency of conveyor and bulk materials handling equipment used to convey a variety of products that include ore, quarried products, grain, sugar, salt and coal.

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