Kinder & Co Offer Vesatile Modular Lining System

Polyurethane materials are known for reducing maintenance costs and downtime and for their ease of installation because they do not need to be replaced as frequently as more traditional materials such as plastic, rubber or steel.

One of the most durable, yet light weight liners available on the market, the modular K-Redi-liner is made better to offer long lasting wear protection for transfer points, chute areas, screen discharge points and bin lining.

Suitable for low impact material handling applications where high abrasion and good slip characteristics are required, ideally in Conveyors – under chutes, deflector plates, skirt systems and aprons, Mining- in feeders, skips and skirts and Ore handling & Processing – bins, chutes, hoppers etc.

K-Redi-Liner is a bolt in, polyurethane system that can be arranged into any wear pattern. Also
available with embedded alumina ceramics for extreme applications, K-Redi-Liner offers even
higher wear factors and longer service life. Able to directly address localised wear areas by
combining both the K-Redi-Liner ceramic modules and the K-Redi-Liner Polyurethane modules, better abrasion and tear resistance can be achieved.

K-Redi-Liner is ozone and ultra violet resistant, lightweight and easier to install, offering excellent durability and performance helping to reduce preventative maintenance costs.

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