KUBOTA Corporation Expands Feeder Sales in Asia

Kubota Corporation is pleased to announce the appointment of Rick Wall to the position of Regional Sales Manager of Weighing Systems in their Singapore office. Mr. Wall has the task of expanding the sales of Kubota Constant Feeder Products in Asian countries outside of Japan. Mr. Wall will be working to further extend the sales representative network for Kubota Feeders in Asia to better support their customers located in the region. In addition, Kubota plans to increase its marketing and sales promotion activities throughout Asia.

Mr. Wall has 30 years of experience in the Gravimetric Feeding Industry and associated process material handling applications. During that time Mr. Wall held both technical and sales positions living and working in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore. Mr. Wall has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in the U.S.A.

To further support the Kubota customers and sales organization in Asia, Service Centers have been set up in Shanghai, China and in Bangkok, Thailand. The service engineers in these centers have undergone extensive and extended training at Kubota’s plant in Kyuhoji, Japan.

Kubota has a Technical Center in Japan which is fully outfitted with feeders for doing material tests for customers to confirm the configuration and selection of feeding equipment for their process needs. In addition to the Technical Center in Japan, Kubota has established a Test Lab in Shanghai for supporting the customers in that market.

About Kubota Corporation: KUBOTA is the leading manufacturer of Gravimetric feeders in Japan. KUBOTA provides process industries with advanced feeding technology, dosing and metering equipment, pellet screening systems and auto-dosing and coloring systems. KUBOTA uses advance technology and techniques to bring solutions to customer’s process requirements.


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