KUBOTA Introduces Super Platon at In-house Exhibitions

KUBOTA Corporation held in-house exhibitions in November at their Osaka factory and in December at their Tokyo head office to introduce the new Super Platon Pellet Screening System. The Super Platon is the latest generation of Pellet Screening Systems provided by KUBOTA to the market.

In total nearly 170 customers from Japan and overseas attended the exhibitions. The visitors were first given a presentation on the Super Platon, its operation, function and applications. Later the attendees could view the actual unit and see it operating with material. These exhibitions gave the customers a firsthand look at the newest Pellet Screening System developed by KUBOTA for the Plastics Industry.

The Super Platon is able to detect black spots or off-color contaminants as small as 0.1 mm in a pellet stream using four high-resolution line sensor cameras. The Super Platon can be installed in-line or off-line after the pelletizer and vibratory size screener to detect and remove defective pellets that are stained, spotted or discolored to prevent contamination of the final product.

A new feature of the Super Platon is that the light source is from LED arranged in a dome configuration. This innovative new lighting method now allows for transparent materials to be screened on the unit.

KUBOTA has Super Platon Test Centers in both Osaka and Shanghai to demonstrate to customers the screening ability of the unit to improve the quality control of the final pellet being produced. There were ten test requests as a result of the In-house Exhibitions.

In 2012 KUBOTA will be taking this show on the road to introduce the Super Platon in various countries around Asia as well as at Chinaplas 2012.

Visit the KUBOTA web site at www.kubota-feeders.com for more details.

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