Latest Developments from BOGE

The CLF series Frequency controlled screw compressors from BOGE is the latest product development to come from BOGE.

After enjoying continued success in the market with the BOGE CL series screw compressors – made with the smaller air user in mind, BOGE has now launched a frequency controlled version.

The CLF series integrates the unique and proven BOGE mono block air,end configuration. The air,end is not only extremely efficient, but also features a special sound dampening casting, that makes it the quietest compressor on the market today @ 57 dba.

The CLF series combines a direct drive coupled drive system with frequency control to provide the ultimate compressor for pressure control under variable output requirements 8/10/13 bar options can be readily achieved by adjustment of the frequency. Expensive idling times and motor starts are therefore avoided. At the same time, a tighter pressure band can be maintained, which also assist in reducing energy consumption.

The CLF is available as a free standing model or receiver mounted in the standard pressures of 8/10/13 bar.

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