Loadcell Pin Ensures Safer Lifting In SA

A Loadcell Pin Transducer is being used to monitor the lifting strain during scheduled maintenance for a mining company in South Australia.

Supplied by Accuweigh’s Port Adelaide branch, the Loadcell Pin is being used to eliminate collateral damage to associated structural components when a heavy crushing mantle is being lifted for maintenance.

The lifting force exerted on the Loadcell Pin Transducer is closely monitored during the lifting procedure to detect snagging of the heavy mantle on associated structural components. In this heavy capacity weighing applications, the crane operator is unable to see if the 70t mantle is fouling on other equipment further down the shaft during the lifting operation so the Loadcell Pin and shackle are proving to be invaluable by accurately displaying lift forces at all times.

The Loadcell Pin Transducer outputs the Loadcell reading using a wireless interface back to a control box containing a digital weight indicator fitted to the crane cab. In this application, a Loadcell in excess of 72t exerted on the Loadcell Pin triggers a setpoint relay to activate a local alarm to warn the crane operator of excessive forces which indicates a fouling problem. Due to the success of this application, the client also requested a smaller Loadcell Pin Transducer and shackle with a Loadcell capacity of 8.5 t for use on a smaller crane.

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