Long-Lasting Coupling Pads for Ultrasonic Flow Measurement

Innovations need not always be of the spectacular kind. Quite often it is the incremental change derived from day-to-day practical experience, which results in significant improvements. Thus FLEXIM’s small black pads add to the long-term durability of clamp on ultrasonic flow meters. These pads serve as just the right acoustic coupling contact.

One of the advantages of non-contact ultrasonic flow meters is their low maintenance requirement. The flow transducers are simply attached to the outside of the pipe. They are therefore not in contact with the medium to be measured and are thus free from wear and tear. The only important condition for proper functionality is a good transmission of the acoustic signals through the entire pipe and back. Normally a paste is used to achieve this coupling between the transducers and the pipe. Depending on on-site conditions this paste needs to be re-applied from time to time. With high temperatures the paste can dry up or it is eroded by the elements.

FLEXIM’s coupling pads are made from materials that can tolerate high temperatures and retain their elasticity over long periods without the need for frequent maintenance.

The coupling pads take the place of such coupling pastes between the transducers and the pipe. They are held in place and pressed against the pipe with properly designed FLEXIM pipe mount fixtures. The pad material is flexible and durable enough to maintain the acoustic contact. There is no longer the need to re-apply any pastes.

Another concern about the alleged "unreliability" of clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters lands in the dust bin of history and clamp-on flow meters meet yet another requirement for the ideal instrument. Simply attach the transducers and forget about them!

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