Low-Lifetime Cost for Michell QCM Analyser

Michell Instruments has launched its new precision moisture analyser – the QMA401 – featuring the latest generation of quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) sensor and designed to provide consistently accurate measurements of trace moisture. This consistency is achieved via a self-calibration system which adjusts the analyser against an internal moisture generator. Long term stability of these measurement corrections is guaranteed, as the moisture generator is supplied with a calibration traceable to NPL and NIST.

Maintaining the system is simple, infrequent and inexpensive. No service at all is required for 2 years, at which point the desiccant dryer must be replaced – a process that can be carried out by the user in less than 10 minutes. The internal moisture generator can be replaced simply in the field with a freshly calibrated unit from the factory after 3 years of operation.

The long maintenance intervals of the product, in combination with the competitively priced spares means that the cost of owning a QMA401 over five years is less than half the cost of owning the leading competing product.

The QMA401 is easy to use with an intuitive touch screen interface for monitoring, logging and configuring parameters. Both real-time trend graphs and alarm indicators are immediately visible in colour on the main display. The instrument is supplied with both analogue outputs, and USB and Ethernet digital connectivity, so that the device can be monitored and controlled remotely via a network.

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