Luhr Filters Reduce Compressed Air Usage at Ore Crushing Plant

Melbourne based Luhr Filter Pty Ltd, recently shipped four of their MWF Filter Units to Western Australia for use on an Ore Crushing Plant.

Critical to the selection of the Luhr MWF Filter Units, was the requirement by the client to minimise the use of compressed air at the mine site. The filters supplied incorporated Luhr’s “off-line” cleaning system, which operates by means of its own built in medium pressure reverse air fan and impulse generating system. This filter cleaning system enabled all the filters to efficiently operate without the use of any compressed air.

The cleaning system of the Luhr MWF Filter is mounted on a travelling carriage. The plenum in the clean air chamber takes off-line three rows of bags. The cleaning process injects an impulse flow of reverse air generated by means of a 90 degree rotary damper into the row of bags being cleaned. Since there is no filtering flow through the row being cleaned or the rows on either side, then the cleaning pulse is extremely effective in the removal of dust from the bags, allowing the material to fall out of the bag nest without being re-entrained.

Normally the reverse air cleaning mechanism is mounted on top of the filter casings, but these particular filter packages include the “underslung” arrangement. This was required to fit within the client’s space constraints whilst still allowing easy access for maintenance purposes.

The horizontally mounted 2 metre long filter bags are of oval construction. Removal and replacement of the bags is easily done from the clean side of the filter offering rapid, safe and efficient removal of the filter bags. The cleaning mechanism is also located on the outside of the filter and is fully accessible from the access platform.

Luhr Filter Pty Ltd has been established in Australia for almost 30 years and is associated with Luhr Filter GmbH & Co KG of Germany. Luhr operations world-wide provide over 70 years of experience in dust collection and fume treatment in a wide variety of industries.

Luhr designs, manufactures, installs and commissions high quality products for dust and fume control systems in a wide range of applications. Luhr also has associations with other European companies operating in the same field.

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