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Matcon specialize in providing solutions for handling and processing powders, granules, tabletsand other materials in Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs). They have the capability to provide total IBC solutions, from single component level through to complete turnkey powder handling solutions; from concept development, testing and design through to manufacture, installation and training. We act as direct supplier, sub-supplier or single source supplier, as appropriate.

Reduce Risk
Matcon’s primary goal on every project is to minimize the technical and commercial risks – both for Matcon and their customer – at every stage of a project. To do this requires Matcon to have a thorough understanding of the customer requirements AND the customer to have a thorough understanding of Matcon technology and capability. Achieving this often includes face-to-face meetings and, where possible, full-scale testing at one of our world-wide test centres.

Solve Problems and Save Money
Matcon’s experienced team of people sets out to save you money and solve your problems. They are able to draw on extensive, practical experience in solids processing and an in-depth knowledge of ‘best practice’ across a wide range of industries. This knowledge and experience, combined with their range of core technology solutions and the ability to integrate with other equipment, enables us to meet the needs of our customers.

Matcon put particular emphasis on the ‘evaluation’ phase of each project – get this stage wrong and the whole success of the project can be jeopardized. They work hand in hand with end users, engineering companies and other suppliers of key process technology, to complement their efforts in system design and evaluation. As such, Matcon are often among the first people to define the IBC process flow in a project.

Following on from good evaluation is a need for the organization, resources and approach that can bring the project to completion – on time and to the right quality. Matcon have the people and facilities to match this challenge on every project. As before we focus on minimising the risks.

They apply solid management review at the start of every project to ensure adequate planning. They also conduct regular management review to assess the status of every project and keep their customers fully informed. Every item of equipment is fully inspected and tested in their works. Systems are assembled and tested, even with material to the fullest practical extent. Each stage of the project is supported by the relevant documentation, which must be regarded as an integral part of the scope of supply.

Many of Matcon’s projects are supplied to regulated industries – pharmaceutical in particular. For these projects it is critical to integrate the equipment functionality and supporting documentation with the customers’ validation requirements. Matcon have considerable, practical experience in providing validatable systems with the correct documentation and with the minimum of fuss.

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