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Particle size, surface area, pore size, material density and an active surface area are characteristics that are crucial to the understanding of a variety of materials. This knowledge is essential in the development of products, the efficient utilization of raw materials and the understanding of many natural phenomena. Pharmacology, cosmetics, nanotechnology, paints, pigments, food science, ceramics, textiles, geological science, and polymer science are some of the areas of science and technology that rely on Micromeritics’ instruments to determine the physical characteristics of powders and solid materials.

The product range covers three very different particle size analyzers, each uniquely appropriate for specific areas of application. One needs only to consider face powder and sandpaper to realize that the size of particles can be critically important.

Five surface area measuring instruments span the range of applications from inexpensive and fast to detailed and precise. Surface area controls many things from the speed with which a medicinal dissolves to the absorbency of a paper towel.

For measuring the pore structure within porous objects, our instruments range from high-pressure fluid injection to very low pressure gas adsorption to encompass the variety of applications. For example, the porosity of oil-bearing formations relates to oil recovery as does the porosity of plastic foams to their insulating quality.

Catalyst research is covered by other instruments operating from sub ambient to high pressure, creating surface activity data and revealing the strength of sorption sites.

The determination of density, a basic parameter that reveals porosity as well as composition, is satisfied by another instrument series.

Micromeritics is a recipient of the “E” Award from the U.S. State Department of Commerce for Excellence in International Exports. Particle and Surface Sciences distribute the Micromeritics range of scientific instrumentation throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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