Meco Introduces New Generation Conveyor Shaft Seals At Powtex Osaka

MECO shaft seals will be on exhibit at the 18th International Powder Technology Exhibition (POWTEX) in Osaka, Japan on 21-24 October, 2009. The exhibition will take place at the Intex-Osaka International Exhibition Center and is sponsored by the Association of Powder Process Industry and Engineering (A.P.P.I.E.).

Powtex visitors can find MECO seals in the stand for Techno-Support, Ltd., Japan’s exclusive distributors for MECO seals. Representatives will be on hand at the show to arrange for complimentary seal consultation calls.

New this year from MECO is the “HB” model shaft seal, a standard-sized seal available from stock for screw conveyor shafts. HB seals are designed to perform under 90% of the typical operating conditions associated with screw conveyors or scrolls. This includes food-grade applications, temperatures up to 260ºC, abrasive products and vertical or inclined conveyors. The HB accommodates up to 6mm of shaft run-out.

Visitors can also see the newest custom seal designs from MECO, including seals for dust and vapor containment and seals which help processors to conserve energy.

MECO offers fully split seals for quick installation and rebuilding, without wasting time to remove bearings or drives. These patented seals provide a long-lasting alternative to packing glands on dry processing equipment in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, plastics and mineral industries. MECO is the original high-run-out tolerance seal for screw conveyors, mixers, blenders, vacuum dryers, agitators and similar rotating processing machinery.

MECO seals protect shafts from abrasion damage and can often improve equipment function. Sanitary models can be quickly removed for bench sanitizing and reinstalled as often as necessary. MECO seals are fit to precise shaft sizes and use a low-flow purge medium in many applications; seals can continue to function in cases of unanticipated loss of purge pressure.

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