Metaglas – The Safest View

Engineering and management personnel in industrial processing facilities are quite familiar with the adverse effects of conventional sight glass failures as they are highly sensitive to stress, bending and impact. They may fail may even fail without prior warning when subjected to mechanical overload which disrupts production, causes wastage valuable process fluids, requirement of significant cleanup and repair, and most importantly, the risk the safety and security of the worker on site.

Metaglas® sight glasses offer the ultimate solution as total failure, which involve leakage of explosive shattering of the glass, essentially never occurs. This ingenious piece of work is made by melting circular glass inside a metal frame which results in a fusion of glass and metal. The difference in the linear coefficient of thermal expansion between the glass and the metal creates forces that induce a uniform compressive stress throughout the glass which lead to offer the optical advantages of a normal sight glass with the durability and the strength of steel. These mechanically prestressed glasses have been proven to remain leak tight at pressures far exceeding the rated pressure and temperature.

Metaglas® can be thus considered as the strongest and most secure glass element and can replace conventional sight glasses in circular flange assemblies for welding into vessels, weld neck and nozzle flanges and sight flow indicators.

Existing installations can be easily retrofitted with the Metaglas® cover flanges improving the safety and extending the plant life.

Metaclamp®s are available as sight glass caps for sanitary clamp and In-line systems and sight glasses and Luminaire adaptors for sterile flush mount designs such as the NA-Connect system and Tri-clamp fittings. The unique properties of Metaglas® also make it ideal for use with sanitary mounting systems.

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