Mettler Toledo Improves your Quality Data Management System

The quality insurance process is an always recurring challenge in the production of food and beverage products. Production of high-quality products based on secure and simple manageable filling processes is a specialty of Mettler Toledo’s networked software solution FreeWeigh.Net®.

Mettler Toledo’s advanced quality data management system FreeWeigh.Net is designed to streamline and stabilise the filling process while improving process efficiency and maximising production yield.

Over the period of a year, even a small overfill of valuable raw material sums up to tremendous costs. FreeWeigh.Net is the key to having full control of the production process. FreeWeigh.Net assists in eliminating expensive giveaways and at the same time ensures that legal obligations are complied to. Key elements in FreeWeigh.Net include statistical quality control (SQC) which automatically controls the filling process, and expensive overfills as well as illegal under fills can be eliminated. With the tracking and tracing functionality FreeWeigh.Net provides full traceability of all relevant production activities which enables you to analyse the recorded data from any point in time.

FreeWeigh.Net runs on personal computers as well as on rugged industrial terminals, suitable for wet, harsh and hygienic sensitive areas.

If used in regulated industries, such as Pharma or Nutraceutical production, FreeWeigh.Net can be enhanced with additional functionality to achieve 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

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