Simple and Reliable Vessel And Tank Weighing

Inventory and tank level information is a key success factor for profitable production processes. METTLER TOLEDO now offers a new range of easy to integrate transmitters, which simply turn any vessel or tank into a scale!

Smart technology, compact design
The new transmitters eliminate the need for a local display if only direct PLC/PC connectivity is required. Eliminating the display results in space and cost savings, and avoids operator distraction in applications where a visual weight display is not needed.

Why use weighing technology for tank measurement?
Different sensor technologies can be used for level detection, but various factors may affect their precision: foam and dust can disturb optical and radar sensors, temperature influences volumetric sensors and solids do not distribute evenly in a tank or silo which leads to inaccurate level detection measurements. Because of its direct mass measurement without media contact our weighing technology is not affected by these conditions thus providing direct, accurate and repeatable information.

IND110 Analog transmitter
The IND110 load cell signal converter provides an economical way to convert an analog strain gauge scale or weigh module output to a 4-20 mA signal.

  • 4 – 20 mA output signal
  • Up to 4 load cells, 350 ohm
  • Outputs for low/high level alarm
  • Can be combined with barrier for hazardous area applications

IND130 Smart transmitter
The IND130 combines compact design and fieldbus connectivity with features you typically only find in high end terminals.

  • RS232, Profibus®DP, Allen-Bradley™ RIO
  • Up to 4 load cells, 350 ohm
  • Can be combined with barrier for hazardous area applications
  • CalFREE™ calibration without test weights
  • The CalFREE™ calibration method offers an alternative to traditional calibration methods for installations that do not require a metrological-agency approval. This methodology is particularly useful for large tanks or silos where it is not practical to use test weights to calibrate the scale. Only the load cell output sensitivity and capacity is needed to calibrate. Traditional calibration techniques are of course also supported.
  • TraxDSP™ digital vibration filtering – Tank inventory measurement applications are typically in harsh environments. Built-in TraxDSP™ digital filtering with proprietary analog-to-digital technology and patented compensation algorithms results in an accurate and stable signal even when exposed to vibration from nearby machinery.

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