Micro Ingredients Formulation

The Matcon Flexibatch Micro is an automated micro ingredients formulation system. The machine incorporates a carousel system that holds ten raw material hoppers each with a volume of 60 litres. The raw material hoppers incorporate a material conditioning agitator and a feed auger which is specifically sized to suit the flow characteristics of the material.

The carousel rotates so as to position the correct raw material hopper above the bag filling and weighing station, at this point a clutch mechanism is engaged and the material is discharged into the collection sack/bag positioned below. The Flexibatch Micro will auto-matically dose the material in course and fine feed rates so as to achieve the greatest accuracy possible and will also incorporate an in-flight compensation into the feed shut off.

The Raw material Hoppers can easily be replaced using a vacuum lifter mounted on a Jib Crane and the whole system is mounted on a support and access platform. The system has stainless steel and food grade polyethylene contact parts and powder coated carbon steel non contact parts.

  • Automatic PC controlled recipe formulation
  • Up to 10 ingredients per recipe
  • Two dosing operations per minute (typical)
  • Dosing to +4g accuracy (material dependent)
  • Cost effective solution
  • Easy to change plastic bottles (60 litres each)

System includes:

  • Flexi-Batch Micro and safety guarding
  • Sack clamp and weigh frame
  • Vacuum lifter for bottle manipulation
  • Separate bottle storage rack
  • Bottle filling point
  • Access platform
  • Pallet platform

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