Mobile Seed/Grain Weighing & Totalising System

Accuweigh has developed a mobile weighing system for tracking the volume of seed or grain processed through truck mounted seed cleaning equipment.

Accuweigh’s Seed-Weigh is fully trade approved and comprises two weigh hoppers designed for continuous grain throughput.
The mobile seed weighing system is controlled by Accuweigh’s ROC – a full industrial grade PC designed to take the hard knocks and bumps expected on a mobile truck mounted operation.

A large colour touch screen provides the operator interface to the seed weighing system and as it is fully trade approved; Seed-Weigh also provides the much sought after traceability as required for any quality assured operation.

The Seed-Weigh totalises each individual hopper weighment and prints the throughput reports obtained from many hours of continuous operation, including details of the chemicals used in each batch of seeds.

Accuweigh’s Seed-Weigh can be modified to suit all portable/mobile weighing requirements where high accuracy weighing of seed throughput is required.

Seed-Weigh controls the entire seed cleaning operation from start to finish, has its own backup power and offers full reporting capabilities and even generates client invoices on the spot. The ROC is also fitted has a GPS interface to allow positional tracking via the internet and for downloading all secured data to remote office locations.

Accuweigh is Australia’s largest industrial weighing company and has branches in all mainland states providing sales and service on scales and weighing systems of all types.

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