MoistScan Microwave Moisture Analysers Used by Salt Mining Company

Callidan Instruments has announced that a number of MoistScan® MA-500 online microwave moisture analysers have been purchased by a large salt mining and mineral processing company. These analysers are employed on a multiple-feed rotary kiln dryer to measure the moisture of various mineral salt derivations. The data from the analysers is used in a feed-forward control loop to regulate the resident time of the material in the dryer.

Several other MoistScan® sensors are being used to measure the moisture in a halite dump so as to avoid hold-ups in the chute as the material enters the dump.

The company also announced that a large coal processing company has purchased a number of MoistScan® meters to measure the moisture in coal concentrate products from a bank of horizontal belt filters.

The moisture data from the analysers is used to assess the performance of the belt filters. Manual
adjustments to the vacuum pressure are made based on the moisture reading.

MoistScan® online moisture analysers transmit a microwave signal through 100% of the material. By measuring changes in the strength and velocity of the signal the percentage moisture is accurately determined.

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