MoistTech On-Line Continuous Moisture Analysis System

Moisttech (a Sensortech company) are widely regarded as market leader and number one supplier of on-line Moisture analysers for the chemical and minerals industry. With over 40 years of knowledge it was only natural that Moisttech would come to industry again with the CCS3000, a revolutionary new non hazardous approach to moisture analysis for some of the toughest applications in the Industry.

MoistTech is dedicated to providing unique and creative solutions to Industry and offer a wide range of analysers using several innovative technologies for applications considered difficult to measure with traditional non MoistTech technologies. With an on-line pedigree spanning 8 generations of analysers Moisttech is well positioned to meet the exact needs of Industry.

With experience in over 5,000 applications globally and thousands of equipment installs Moisttech represents the Diamond standard in robust, reliable and dependable technology for harsh environment process measurement and precise product control.

CCS Unique Technology

Molecular bonds such as water are affected by energy that is directed at them at specific frequencies. The CCS emits rapid energy pulses 7000 times per second from a specially designed energy source onto the product using an optimized optical design using forward optical reflection or FOR. This is returned in a beam of collimated energy CE to its detection system which is at the heart of the analyser. This proprietary technique is known as the FOR-CE technique.

The sensors computer based core then performs numerically exact calculations of quantum dynamics for an arbitrary molecule model interacting with a single-mode field. The time development of molecular and energy matrices and the entropy of a molecule is calculated in order to understand the dynamics its amplitude and phase shift. Thus allowing the precise amount of moisture to be calculated.

Management Software

MoistTech has designed and developed a software package to interface with the CCS Analyser and other analysers in the MoistTech range. With this configuration program you can view and adjust calibration parameters and system diagnostics. With digital displays and graphics the MoistTech software program is user friendly and can be operated on any PC/ Laptop computer. While the software provides basic sensor monitoring and logging, other communications protocols are provided to interface with on-site PC’s PLC’s and more sophisticated HMI’s. MoistTech Analyzers offer every industry standard communications protocol.

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