Multi-Deck Weighbridge Certified By Accuweigh In QLD

A Multi-Deck Weighbridge operating as a Public Weighbridge at the Port of Brisbane was recently tested and certified for trade. Certified by Accuweigh’s QWM branch in Brisbane, Public Weighbridges are required to be certified for Trade Use every twelve months to ensure weighing accuracy.

This heavy duty Multi-Deck Weighbridge is fitted with four individual weighing decks for an overall length of thirty-six metres which also provides axle group weights during a single weighing transaction. As the majority of overloading fines are issued for overloaded axle groups and not for exceeding the vehicle’s legal GVM, the ability of a Certified Multi-Deck Weighbridge to also display and print individual axle group weights is a highly desirable feature.

Under the Chain of Responsibility legislation, each and every person and company even remotely involved in the loading and transportation process can be held partly responsible and incur heavy fines – including the consignor of the product as well as the receiver.

Port of Brisbane’s Certified Multi-Deck Weighbridge is an unattended, 24 hour operation with drivers generating their own Multi-Deck Weighbridge Weight Tickets by following prompts on a touch-screen PC after first making a credit card payment. If an axle group is found to be exceeding legal weight limits, the driver has the opportunity to return to the freight terminal to make weight or container positing adjustments before leaving the Port road systems.

Accuweigh/QWM is Australia’s largest weighing company and provides full service, testing and certifications of Multi-Deck Weighbridges through eight branches across Australia.

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