Multi-Variable Vortex Flowmeter for Cost-Effective Mass Flow & Energy Measurement

Endress+Hauser’s Prowirl 73 is a stand-alone, multivariable vortex flowmeter for measuring mass flow, energy, density, temperature and volumetric flow of liquids, gases and steam.

Unlike most vortex flow meters, the Prowirl 73 features an integrated temperature sensor and inbuilt flow computer. This reduces the requirement for additional devices and enables the flowmeter to simultaneously measure temperature and calculate mass flow for accurate energy management in facilities or processes.

The Prowirl 73 greatly simplifies mass flow and energy measurement of technical and natural gases and offers a cost effective alternative to other gas mass flow sensors.

External pressure values can be read in digitally with high accuracy via HART and the inbuilt flow computer uses pre-programmed compressibility data to calculate the mass flow, with AGA natural gas equations to additionally report energy content. Currently, 18 technical gases and compounds of up to eight combinations of those gases are included. This wide range of pre-programmed gases significantly simplifies the setup procedure, to ensure accurate gas mass flow calculations.

Reliability of the Prowirl 73 is enhanced thanks to the patented DSC sensor. This sensor is mechanically balanced making it immune to pipe vibration and capable of withstanding temperature shocks over 150 K/s. Its aperture free design eliminates the risk of clogging from particles transported in the medium.

The Prowirl 73 is suitable for a range of applications involving widely differing fluids including: saturated steam, superheated steam, compressed air, nitrogen, liquefied gases, flue gases, carbon dioxide, fully demineralised water, solvents, heat transfer oils, boiler feedwater and condensate. The device is suited for operating temperatures from -200 to +400 °C and pressures of up to 40 bar. It has IEC Ex approval for use in hazardous, and is available with the choices of 4-20mA hart, Profibus PA, and Foundation Fieldbus protocols for easy integration into process control systems.

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