Multisensor Prosonic S FMU95 for accurate, non-contact level measurement

Endress+Hauser has launched a ten sensor version of its Prosonic S heavy duty ultrasonic level and open channel flow measuring system. The Prosonic S FMU95 is ideally suited for accurate level measurement of bulk liquids and solids and compliments the earlier released two-sensor version. The new Prosonic S FMU95 can have up to 10 sensors that may be connected to one transmitter and is therefore well-suited for level measurement applications where there are several closely located bins or vessels to measure, or where level profiling is required.

The multisensor FMU95 is also useful when measuring levels in large-diameter bins and silos which hold solids. When filling or emptying such bins – which may contain grain or ore, for example – the levels will vary, building up near the walls and falling away around the emptying points. Using the new FMU95, a number of sensors can be installed around the circumference of the bin, and the levels averaged over 10 locations. The resulting average will provide a much more accurate level measurement compared with a one- or two-sensor system.

The Prosonic S is available with a range of six different remote IP68 sensors, selected by the distance of the level measurement. The FDU91 sensor is for short distances from as little as 300mm to 10m, while at the other end of the range is the FDU96 which operates up to 70m. The transmitter automatically detects which sensor is connected and configures itself accordingly.

Unlike other sensors in the market, the FDU91/92 sensors feature a fully welded housing made from PVDF or 316L stainless steel, and can resist CIP cleaning and peak temperatures of 135°C. The FDU95/96 long range sensors can even withstand temperatures of 150°C as found in cement silos and incorporate a self-cleaning sensing membrane for use in harsh and dusty applications. All sensors can be mounted up to 300m from the transmitter and include an integrated temperature measurement for automatic temperature compensation of the time-of-flight signal, improving accuracy under all conditions.

The small footprint Prosonic S remote transmitter is available for DIN-rail or panel mounting or a robust IP66 plastic housing for pipe and field mounting if required. The clear, backlit, six-line text displays the ‘Quick Setup’ menu operation in any of 15 languages and can also display envelope curves, trending curves and PV.

With up to 10 sensors, the user can select any combination of average, difference or sum of levels. The output is Profibus DP to maximize the flexibility and amount of information tramsmitted, and to streamline troubleshooting, if required. The FMU95 can be operated on 240, 110 Vac, but also down to 10.5 Vdc so it is easily integrated into telemetry stations.

Together with the free ‘ToFTool-FieldTool’ software package, the new multi-sensor Prosonic S FMU95 is a flexible, cost-effective solution for various industries that need to monitor levels in silos, hoppers, conveyers and crushers.

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