NanoSight adds Temperature Control to Nanoparticle Characterization Systems

NanoSight Limited, the nanoparticle characterization company, has announced additional temperature control capability for their family of instrumentation.

As temperature directly affects diffusion speeds, the measurement of temperature has always been a key variable in NanoSight analysis. Temperature is routinely measured by NanoSight instruments and, when using aqueous systems, look-up tables embedded in the software will apply the appropriate viscosity. Users of other solvents may input the viscosity manually.

In response to user requests, NanoSight has now introduced a temperature- controlled stage, which operates from five degrees below ambient to 50˚C. This may be retrofitted to the NanoSight LM20 instrument. This stage meets two immediate needs: for life-sciences users, it can operate at mammalian body temperatures. For users working in solvents, it can maintain 25˚C, the standard temperature for readily-available viscosity data. Accuracy is provided to a level of +/- 1˚C and is controlled directly from the system’s software.

Particle and Surface Sciences distribute NanoSight Techology systems throughout Australia and New Zealand. The company also offers a wide-ranging programme of support solutions, including installation and service of all instruments by factory-trained technicians, an Analytical Laboratory and a Sales Department to assist with your enquiries.

PsS™ will be running a series of seminars across Australia during the month of February 2009. Please visit the PsS™ website for more information on the locations.

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