New Bagging System Increases Productivity

062.jpg)Increased global demand for its high quality industrial garnet meant GMA Garnet Group (GMA) needed an updated bag filling system to increase production rate, reduce maintenance and ensure bags had consistently accurate weight. Consequently, the Garnet Mining and Processing company headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, selected Premier Tech Chronos equipment.

A DS-LCB326 Level Control Bin was installed to feed material to the new StonePak DS-725NXT Force Flow (Air) Packers. The bin’s material level is maintained within a specified range, producing constant head pressure above the air packers for consistent material density and cleaner, more accurate filling.

Because this material is abrasive, minimizing the number of moving machine elements within its flow path was essential to minimize maintenance and maximize equipment life span. This requirement was met by the packers’ plug stack configuration, which has no moving parts in the flow path. DS-45URAI Roots Blowers supply packers with air, fluidizing material for smooth conveying. Blowers ensure consistent air flow and accurate operation of the packers, whose bulk-and-dribble control produces dependably accurate bag weight.

The DS-RA Robotic Empty Bag Applicator’s sealed joints are unaffected by abrasive material. The DS-860C Packer Conveyor and DS-850C Slider Bed Conveyor were customized with rubber belts due to the abrasive nature of the material being bagged.

Integrating new equipment with existing upstream and downstream equipment included ensuring that the new equipment’s safety devices met Australian safety standards. Premier Tech Chronos provided detailed documentation necessary for accurate, timely installation by local contractors, maintaining information exchange throughout all phases of the project.

“… down time has been reduced,” notes GMA’s General Manager Midwest Operations, Ms. Amanda Gundry. Has GMA seen its own customers’ satisfaction increase? “Yes.”

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