New Bulk Sample Moisture Analyser

Online microwave moisture analysis specialist Callidan Instruments has developed a moisture analyser for field use in situations where a fast and accurate moisture result is required.

The MoistScan® MA-100 Bulk Sample Analyser uses microwave technology to determine the moisture content of a large sample. The result is almost instantaneous.

The benefit of the MA-100 over traditional bench top moisture analysers is that the sample analysed is many times larger hence much more representative.

The result is instantaneous, with the MA-100 returning a moisture result in less than 10 seconds. Traditional oven dried moisture methods can take hours and halogen/infrared moisture drying analysers take up to 10 minutes.

The size of the sample is particularly important. Callidan believes that a very small sample size is almost always not a representative sample, even if very stringent sampling procedures are followed. During the course of their normal business of commissioning and calibrating online moisture analysers, Callidan has conducted many hundreds of duplicate sampling programs where laboratory results using small very small sample sizes have been compared. Inevitably there are significant differences in the moisture results between duplicates.

The big sample size plus and instantaneous result make the MA-100 ideal for at-line use.

Recently a large smelter in Japan purchased an MA-100 to help them better control their granulation process. The MA-100 is used to measure the moisture in a lead-zinc concentrate mix fed to the agglomerator. The product granules are also sampled and analysed by the MA-100. With this information at their fingertips the plant operators regulate the addition of water to the agglomerator so as to produce granules of the correct size.

The MA-100 is suitable for a wide range of materials in the mining, food and agriculture industries.

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