New Fluid Bed Processing Equipment Product Manager for Kason

Staffordshire, UK — James Schak has been named Product Manager of Fluid Bed Processing Equipment for Kason, where he will oversee expansion and technical support of the company’s line of Vibro-Bed™ circular vibratory fluid bed dryers and coolers, it was announced by Henry Alamzad, president.

“Jim brings 30-plus years of experience with direct and indirect dryers ranging from process engineering and design to teaching and marketing," says Mr. Alamzad, adding, "We expect him to expand the application range of Kason’s circular vibratory design through his wealth of technical expertise."

Credited with numerous advancements in fluid bed drying technology, Mr. Schak says, "Kason’s circular design offers high energy efficiency and excellent cleanability, plus built-in internal back mixing that allows wetter, sloppier feed materials to be dried with a lower heat history.”

James Schak was previously Chem Systems National Sales Manager for GEA Niro in Columbia, MD, and a Process Engineer for The Witte Company in Washington, NJ. He holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology, and has been the instructor for the University of Wisconsin’s Drying Technology Course for over 13 years.

In addition to circular fluid bed dryers, coolers and moisturisers, Kason manufactures Vibroscreen® circular vibratory screeners, Centri-Sifter™ centrifugal sifters, and Cross-Flo static sieves.

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