New Generation Microwave for blocked chute and collision detection

The Gladiator Microwave Switch from Hawk Measurement provides a high power circular polarized Microwave pulse that is emitted from the Sending unit to the Receiving unit in a transmission chain of approximately 100 pulses per second. The new system has 50 times more sensitivity than previous units. They are built with the latest advances in Microwave technical knowledge and use a high-power digital micro controller technology to achieve the best sensitivity and reliable output under adverse conditions.

Digital processing allows the following:

  • Simple setup
  • Ability to detect build up and automatically compensates
  • Ability to raise a maintenance alarm well before failure
  • Digital diagnosis over modbus or GPRS modem for factory help-remotely connectable for support and performance monitoring
  • Ability to monitor ambient RF noise and compensate to avoid false trips
  • Hawk’s latest software has very advance filters and receives signal identification allowing the unit to detect a signal even with build-up and in an acoustic and electrically noisy environment

New Generation mounting is easier to use and install.  Mounting traditional Microwave (linear polarization) close to a parallel wall can cause signal cancellation which can impinge on performance outcomes.  This signal cancellation is a normal problem for linear polarization microwave designs where the reflection energy can and will cancel the main signal giving inconsistent and sometimes poor performance outcomes.  Given this design defect, Hawk has developed a unique solution using exclusively circular polarization of the beam, which will overcome this possible signal elimination and the circular polarized antenna will not suffer this cancellation issue.

Hawk is a world leader in level, positioning and flow measurement, providing cutting edge equipment to the global industrial market. With 30 years of experience and a record of success in a wide range of areas including mining/mineral processing, water supply/waste water, bulk material handling and chemical, our on-going commitment is to provide industry leading technology with cost-effective solutions.

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