New Improved Version of the HygroSmart I7000XP

Michell Instruments, through AMS Instrumentation & Calibration, has launched an improved version of its interchangeable relative humidity sensor – the HygroSmart I7000XP – which enables users to carry out maintenance on industrial relative humidity and temperature transmitters in as little as 30 seconds. The new unit has been developed by Michell’s research department and features the latest polymer capacitive technology to give an accuracy of 1%RH.

The main benefit of the I7000XP is its modular format, which makes maintenance of compatible transmitters and probes fast, easy and cost-effective. The calibration data is stored in the electronics of the unit. To recalibrate a transmitter or probe, all that is needed is to replace the I7000XP sensor. No specialist training is needed and the process is as simple as changing a light bulb, with routine maintenance taking as little as 30 seconds for most products. No instrumentation needs to be sent away or dismantled, which keeps processes running more efficiently.

The HygroSmart I7000XP forms the heart of Michell’s range of RH probes and transmitters, including the newly launched HygroSmart 280/290 series of RH transmitters and probes for industrial processes. Typical applications include environmental control in pharmaceutical production, engine and environmental test cells.

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