New Level Sensor Maximises Fill Capacity in Short Range Applications

Endress + Hauser’s new Prosonic S FDU90 ultrasonic sensor for continuous, non-contact level and flow measurement has a 70mm blocking distance. This is the smallest blocking distance of any similar sensor on the market and allows the FDU90 to maximise filling capacity in short range applications.

The blocking distance of an ultrasonic sensor is the distance measured from the sensor face, in which true level echoes cannot be distinguished from the transient characteristics of the sensor. When fill levels extend into the sensor’s blocking distance, accurate evaluation of the ultrasonic signals cannot be derived. This makes minimising blocking distances crucial to maximise filling capacity. In low range applications capacity gains of between 8% and 25% can be attained by the FDU90. In case of accidental flooding, the sensor’s IP68 protection and optional anti-flooding tube (air-trap) guarantees reliable measurement.

The FDU90 measures the level of liquids, pastes, sludges, and powdery to coarse bulk materials. The sensor is also used for flow measurement in open channels and measuring weirs. It is suited to harsh ambient conditions and can be connected up to 300m from the signal transmitter.

Operating pressure range is 0.7 to 4 bar, and temperature range is -40ºC to +80ºC, with integrated temperature compensation.

Initially developed for the water/waste water industries, the chemically resistant PVDF material of the FDU90 make it ideal for chemical storage applications. Storage tanks can be filled up to the 70 mm blocking distance so fewer chemical deliveries are required. In addition to being the smallest sensor in the FDU9x range, the FDU90 can be ceiling mounted without accessories making it ideal for small spaces.

Other applications include sewerage tunnels, dosing tanks and conveyer belts.

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