New Series AVUL – Air Velocity Transmitters

The Series AVUL Air Velocity Transmitter is a versatile, cost-effective, duct mount thermal anemometer, perfect for measuring air velocity or volumetric air flow in VAV systems or building ducts.

This Air Velocity Transmitter uses two sensing elements, and by measuring the heat loss between them as air flows, it accurately converts this reading into air velocity or volumetric air flow, without the potential for getting clogged like a pitot tube.

3% and 5% accuracy ranges are available to suit a variety of needs and the optional BACnet or MODBUS® Communication Protocol allows units to be daisy-chained together, while providing access to all of the velocity and volumetric flow data, as well as additional information such as air temperature.

All models can be wired for 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 5/10 VDC output, or simultaneous current and voltage output, providing a universal connection to PLCs and monitoring equipment.

The optional, integral LCD or A-435-A, portable remote display tool, provides an additional and convenient way to locally monitor process values and configure the unit. Onboard dip switches allow users to quickly and easily select the full scale velocity range, output type, engineering units, and velocity or volumetric flow mode, saving time on configuration and installation.

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