Next Generation Hygienic Open-Mouth Bagging System

Innovation is the motor that drives PREMIER TECH CHRONOS. To meet the challenges we aim to continuously improve our equipment and to be one step ahead of our competition. This motivation takes PREMIER TECH CHRONOS (PTC) with its bagging and palletising systems to a world-wide market leader in the dairy industry.

The latest hygienic open-mouth bagging system OML-H1 series produces up to 600 bags per hour with state-of-the-art technology and is only one of several innovative examples for trendsetting technology that PTC uses in order to meet contemporary and future requirements of our customers.

The further developed bottom-up filling principle features exact cleaning of the filling area and controlled sealing. These are the new design features that give the highly precise OML-H1 its distinctive identity. The excellent work process originates from a minimization of parameters that needs to be set in order to guarantee a packaging process with smallest possible emission and highest accuracy.

Besides of the filling weight OML-H1 automatically calculates all other parameters in order to optimize the filling process. The second feature and benefit that distinguishes OML-H1 from the competition is the controlled cleaning of the sealing area. The newly developed spreading device moves its spreading finger in a linear movement automatically after the filling process in order to clean the inner bag. This unique linear movement of the bag spreader guarantees together with the secondary de-aeration a perfectly formed top of the bag. This produces a huge advantage for the palletising process. By removing the top air and improving the bag sealing the bags become more stable on the pallet.

Another benefit is the technical device that OML-H1 uses in order to control the sealing process. Common closing devices consider a bag closure during the continuous process where speed, thickness of material and bag consistency has influence on the quality of the closure. PTC utilizes with OML-H1 a “stop-and-go“ process where the speed does not influence the quality of the closure. An optimal adjustment to different bag types is ensured by easy operation.

Apart from these important details the next generation hygienic open-mouth bagger OML-H1 has more features and benefits.

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