Noshok Vapour-Actuated Remote Thermometers

Noshoks’s versatile, heavy-duty Vapour-Actuated Remote Thermometers provide highly accurate temperature indication. These thermometers are ideal for remote panel installations on service trucks in the oil and gas industry, as well as temperature measurement in power transformers, paper mills, refineries, petrochemical, chemical, HVAC/R, food processing, and pharmaceutical applications.

Because they are vapour actuated, Noshok’s custom-made Vapour-Actuated Remote Thermometers are not subject to error due to ambient temperature variations along the capillary tube, so they provide highly accurate readings above and below ambient conditions.

These thermometers indicate media temperature using a temperature-actuated liquid in the sensing element and a highly accurate, high quality pressure gauge. As the media temperature increases, the capillary fill fluid vaporizes, increasing pressure in the Bourdon tube to activate the movement and pointer for proper indication.

NOSHOK offers Vapour-Actuated Remote Thermometers in 2-1/2", 4", 4-1/2" and 6" sizes, from -40° to 60° F/C through 100° to 350° F/C. They are available with a brass or stainless steel case, with bottom, back or lower back connections. Options include dry or liquid fill (optional fill fluids include glycerine, glycerine-H2OD and silicone), front or rear flange, bezel, and U-clamp.

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