November 2006 – Product Of The Month

New Magne//flo Impact Weigher For Difficult Materials.

The November Product of the Month is the MAGNE//FLO Impact Weigher from Flow Force Technologies Pty Ltd of Adelaide, SA, a company with more than 18 years experience in designing and building Impact Weighers.

Impact Weighers (or solids flow meters) for the mass flow measurement of bulk solids and powders, have been around for many years and are successfully used in the Grain, Minerals Processing and Cement Industries around the world. However, there have always been issues with using Impact Weighers in more critical applications such as the Food, Pharmaceutical or Chemical Industries, particularly where cleaning is critical to prevent product cross contamination or bacterial growth.

Having gained a wealth of experience in this specialist field over the past 18 years, Flow Force became very aware of the issues involved with using Impact Weighers in these more critical applications and recognised a need for a machine specifically designed to meet these demands. Consideration had to be given to handling difficult materials such as food powders, hazardous chemicals, hydroscopic fertilisers etc., but specific attention had to be paid to the many applications where operators need to routinely clean the weigher internals. In particular, the historical problems associated with cleaning in place having the potential to damage the load cell or other force sensor, had to be addressed.

Flow Force has now solved this problem with the development of the new MAGNE//FLO Impact weigher.

As the name implies, this new Impact Weigher is based on an innovative use of magnetic techniques. This magnetic technique transfers the horizontal force component of the flowing material to a special type of load cell, which is housed within a stainless steel enclosure adjacent to the impact plate. Because there is no mechanical or physical coupling whatsoever, the impact plate and other weigher internal contact surfaces can be cleaned, scrubbed, hosed down etc without fear of damaging the load cell.

Flow Force Managing Director, Brian Lewis, stressed, "this new design has been thoroughly proven in a trial installation in Adelaide and represents a dramatic improvement in Impact weigher design based on 18 years of practical experience in this product area".

The MAGNE//FLO is available in 2 styles at present:

Series 1 style for inclined chutes using vertical impact plate.

Series 3 style for vertical chutes using inclined impact plate. (Photo left)

The MAGNE//FLO also features a built-in local display and user-friendly membrane keypad that simplifies installation, reduces cabling and enhances operation.

All Flow Force Impact Weighers are available with a large range of options to suit various industry specific requirements including data display & management software to simplify the task of process monitoring and stock-taking.

As with all products designed and manufactured by Flow Force Technologies Pty Ltd, The MAGNE/FLO is proudly made in Australia. Their head office is located in Adelaide, South Australia but they are committed to the development and maintenance of a network of agents to service customers throughout Australia, South East Asia, the Far East, India and South Africa.

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