Nu-Con Expands the BFM Range

Nu-Con, the supplier of Powder Handling, Packing and Pneumatic Conveying Systems, has found that being the BFM distributor in Australia has opened up many opportunities for them.

In the last year Nu-Con has supplied BFM® fittings into more than 60 different plants within Australia, for both retrofitting into existing plants and included in Nu-Con’s turnkey installations.

The BFM® fitting prides itself on being the worlds first “clampless and snap in” connector that is tool free and is suitable for all powder handling industries.

The ‘Tool Free’ aspect is great and is suitable for 90% of the applications, however in Australia the Australian Standards advise “that any Hazard generated by moving parts needs a guard permanently held in place, making it impossible to remove without using tools.

Since the standard connectors are designed to be removed without tools, they were not suitable in a position where injury to an Operator could occur if removed (such as near a Butterfly Valve, Slide Valve, Rotary Valve or other moving internal machinery)”, so it was necessary for BFM® to create a ‘Tool Release Model’ for the Australian market, which has a snap band that allows the connector to still be inserted by hand, but requires a tool to remove it so as to satisfy Australian Standards. These are now installed in many installations around Australia.

The range of BFM® Connectors is constantly growing to meet the demands of our Clients, with the Teflex Connector being recently added to the range. Made from Teflex PTFE membrane, it can withstand a temperature of 260°, and can be used on products across the full ph scale ie. neither caustic or acid products will effect PTFE.

The BFM range is sure to continue its expansion, as more and more of Nu-Con’s clients come up with new applications.

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