Nu-Con Releases the TYR Blower Range

A new range of Positive Displacement Blowers offering low noise and high efficiency is being distributed by Nu-Con in Australia.

The Tyr Tri-Lobe Blowers and Exhausters are designed and manufactured in Denmark, the high quality Tri-Lobe Blower offers both technical advantages and convenience in servicing for the operator and fitter. From the front of the acoustic cabinet the operator or fitter can easily monitor not only the operating pressure and filter gauge but also an oil level, all without having to open the acoustic cabinet.

Technical Advantages

  • Optimum Internal Tolerances resulting in a high output efficiency, and lower operator temperature;
  • Very low noise level even without a cabinet, due to the Tyr innovate silencing concept. Average noise levels are 4 to 5 dB(A) less than you would expect from comparable Blowers;
  • A large overlap of volumetric flows allows the Tyr series to offer air flows from 1.8 to 73m3/min across only six different sizes;
  • Available in both a vacuum version with differential pressures of up to 500 millibars and an over pressure version with differential pressures up to 1000 millibars;

Convenient Servicing

  • External monitoring of the operating pressure, filter gauge and the oil gauge, all without having to open the acoustic cabinet;
  • The automatic V-belt tensioning, ensures correct setting of the belts with minimal routine maintenance;
  • When servicing is required all service components can be reached through a single hinged door on the front of cabinet, these include the washable acrylic EU4 filter, the common oil drain tap, and common oil fill plug.

Ease of Installation

  • The Tyr has the smallest footprint on the market of comparative Blowers, by some 30% thus saving valuable floor area;
  • Standard cable holes at the back of the cabinet allow for easy installation and fast connection to the electric motor and force cooling fan.


The Tyr Blowers can be supplied with all the normal accessories you would expect such as flexible connectors, pressure sensor, temperature transmitter, and some you may not expect, such as their closed loop water cooling system for very high temperature inlet air applications.

Tyr Roots Blowers can be used for all applications in industries that require vacuum or over pressure. Their principal areas of application are for pneumatic conveying systems, food technology, the plastics and chemical industry and environmental technology in water treatment. The wide ranges of sizes and motor variants and the extensive accessory available means Tyr Roots Blowers can be individually and precisely adapted to your application.

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