Nutritional Products Blending

Nu-Con over the last 10 – 15 years has developed extensive expertise in designing, installing and commissioning large nutritional products blending systems worldwide.

A recent example of this is a just completed project in China that involved suppliers from Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Germany and local suppliers from within China.

The front end of the process required extensive automatic handling systems for full and empty pallets of 25 kg bags and big bags (FIBC) which incorporated pallet conveyors, scissor lifts, empty pallet robots and empty pallet stackers. Coupled with the above were a range of tipping stations and bigbag dischargers, dust collection and waste container handling systems.

The waste handling system design brief was specified after the container/bag had been emptied it was to be automatically removed from the tipping area and compacted without operator intervention. Commercially available systems were not suitable in this application so Nu-Con designed a system to suit both very tight space constraints and hygiene requirements.

Accurate and timely batching of a range of ingredients is crucial in systems of this type and this project was no different. Nu-Con expertise is in meeting customers exacting rates and accuracy specifications in systems of this type.

After batching the product was transferred to temporary storage in preparation for final dry blending. There are many variations of blender that can be selected for this duty, from standard single ribbon to twin shaft high speed models. However, in most instances, our customers have specific requirements for blender types/models based on extensive testing and validation regimes.

On completion of blending the product is transferred using a low velocity low product breakdown method to a range of packing systems that include 25 kg bag, FIBC and retail container filling.

Designs of these systems are influenced by our customer’s specific requirements but our experience assists in developing these requirements from inception thru to completion.

Nu-Con’s traditional customers are major multi- national baby food manufacturers based in USA, Europe and Asia. China is now a major supplier and consumer of nutritional products and Nu-Con is in a unique position to take advantage of this emerging market.

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